• Fortune Favors the Brave

A musical journey towards acceptance. Focusing on the issues that affect our society. Lending a voice to the youth who are inheriting a world they didn't create and giving us all permission to live, love and truly be label•less.

It has never been easier to connect with others yet our world has never been more divided. The struggle to understand and accept people that do not look the same, sound the same, think the same has never been more real. “label•less” is the perfect vehicle to start the difficult conversations that need to be had. Whether discussing race, sexuality or mental health, label•less brings attention to topics in a way that everyone can understand and relate to. Encouraging everyone to “Walk” a mile in someone else’s shoes. Using popular music, dance and personal stories, this cast of 14-24 year olds draws attention to the struggles facing us while offering hope of a better, more accepting tomorrow. Join us on this journey.


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